Monday, April 11, 2011

Days Like Today

People look at my tall, handsome happy son and just don’t believe me when I say he was preterm or that he has any lasting effects. Those closest to him, whether in proximity or just in heart, prefer to think of him today and gloss over his yesterday. But then I have days like today which remind me of how far we have left on our journey. Today was our first day back at lessons after a week off.

Me: David, go and practice signing your name.
David (ten minutes later): I forgot how to write my name.
Me: Do you remember how to spell your name?
David: Of course I do! It’s R-O-Z-I-E-R.
Me: Spell “Eugene”.
David: Why can’t I just use my initial?
(dirty look)
David: E-U- … I forgot Mama.

This is what happens when we allow him to go one week without writing his name. Now I’m pretty sure that I would have to go months, perhaps years, without writing before I forget how to write my name, but with him, it’s just a few days. We know that, yet still we let him take a week off for Spring Break. We used to give him two weeks off, but the forgetting was so overwhelming, we decided against it this year. It only took him an hour to sign his name ten times.

Since today was his first day back so we made it “Art Day”. The instructions were for him to see the picture in his mind and then draw what he envisions. I know most 1st-graders can do better, but this is GREAT WORK FOR DAVID BEAR. Here is his art.

This is my absolute favorite -- his version of our family:

I asked him why he drew himself and his Daddy so neatly but the picture of me was (in my view) rather spastic and he said:

"Because you are always moving"

Just another day around here.


  1. What beautiful art, equal only to a mother's love.

  2. Thank you for such beautiful words. You made my day.